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Door News >> Fiberglass, Wood, or Steel? Which Door is Best for You?

 Doors have a big job to do. They have to keep the elements out, the heating or air conditioning in, the kids and pets in, and everyone else out. Plus, they have to look good while doing it, and keep it up for years and years. All these factors make picking the right door a tough task for anyone. In order to help you on your journey we’ve put together a handy guide to deciding on the right door.


Check the Condition

First thing’s first, how’s that old door looking? Is the wood looking a little warped or cracked? The steel starting to peel? Maybe the glass is cracked or just needs an energy efficiency upgrade? If your door is starting to show serious signs of wear you should start looking now before the problem gets worse.

Review Your Needs

What do you need from a door? Something that looks great, something low maintenance, or something cost-effective. Wood doors look and feel great, but require consistent maintenance since they are made from high-end natural wood. If you want a similar look to wood but not the maintenance, fiberglass is the way to go. They work in just about any climate and won’t warp, rot, crack or split. Maybe you’re looking for a more economical choice. In that case, steel is the door for you. Steel doors are low maintenance and energy efficient.

Pick Your Style

No matter what material you choose for your door, there will be an available style that fits your home. All panel doors give you increased privacy and security, but don’t let any light in or allow you to see out. With a glass panel door, you have plenty of options to decide just how much light you’d like to let in. There are even custom design options available from some manufacturers. Looking for something different? A Dutch exterior door is what you need.

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